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Suction modulesare suction machines , which consist of the drive unit with pump, motor, valves, safety filter installation and the neccessary electrical equippment to run the machine.

These modules are connected to separated filter installations in principle and can be driven with diesel - as well as electric motors.

Suction module with hydraulic drive

On the left you see  the picture of a suction module - the hydraulic drive is not yet installed and will be placed on the right side of the blue pump. The security filter installation is beside the pump on the left, the cool air silencers are on top of the machine compartement. The exhaust air silencers lie under the pump and in the two outlet channels, of which only one on this picture is visible. The aggregate had to be built so narrowly since it is based on a railroad  carriage. For service and maintenance as well as security reasons  it is neccessary to pass the machine compartement on either side of it. On the other hand, the profile of the railway tunnels had to be considered.

In addition to it we had to build and connect the filter installation (picture right) with a huge compartement for the ballast to be stored, which is conveyed by airstream from between and under the railway tracks. Very clearly you can see the three suction relieve valves and the two hydralically operated chutes.

This machine is a special construction for the railroad in England. Year of construction 1998.  Almost daily in the use since.

We only can show you some machines here. These sites wants to inform our customers and future clients about the very different types and possibilities the technics of air stream conveying of most different materials offer under always different  conditions.

Filter installation with large ballast hopper and hydraulic dumpdoors

We are specialized not only  to build  “ready made” installations  but also to find  solutions to your special problems, that are sometimes coming up when a task is at hand.

But even when constructing complete new plant, we of course will try to fall back on existing modules and adjust them in order to save costs as much as possible .


On the left you see a typical suction module, which always has to be connected to an external receiver with filter system (Filter installation)

Top:   Filter installation (SF 22TL) with big dumpdoor, actuated by compressed air.

We hope we were able to give you some useful information on how a suction system can be built up with suction modules and preseparators with filters integrated.

Suction module diesel powerded (75 kW)

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