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Mobile unit

Central suction layout

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Big Bag suction unit


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Suction modue

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Hose coupling

Hose pipes

Mobile suction units are suction machines, that can be transported fast from one workplace to the other one

The filter installation as well as the material collector in the standard layout are installed together with the power pack on a basic framework. These frameworks are put into use according to demand - fitted on a truck or trailer chassis or other means of mobile supporters. Little machines are moved by hand on rollers, others are laid out for the transportation with forklifts or as roll on-roll off container.

All our suction machines are equipped with an at least two-stage filter installation; a security filter still is behind the main filter. In case of an defect of the main - filter's it will protect the pump as well as the environment  by stopping the exit of dust into the exhaust air, passing the pump beforehand. All filters are moreover suction-side built-in.


suction machine as roll on-roll off

If a filter therefore became blocked completely, it cannot "burst" or can damage the pump through overheating - the machine simply stops to suck - the pump getting cooling air by an unloading or suction relieve valve. 

Suction machine truckmounted

We also built hydraulically and electrically driven machines.

The small machines are mostly driven by electric motors.

In order to give you an overview of our types of machines, we sorted our suction units into two types of construction: Suction machines and suction modules.

The big mobile machines are mostly equipped with diesel engine drive and therefore completely independent from an external source of energy.

Suction machines are suction units consisting of  driving unit, operation control, main filter installation, security filters and material receiver.

Suction modules are suction machines consisting of driving unit, operation control and security filters. They are always connected to separated filter installations.

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