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With a suction appliance alone, one cannot suck materials, accessories belong to it.
You will need hosepipes for vacuum and overpressure - because with some of our machinery you can as well convey materials by blowing -  couplings, distributors and suction nozzles.

However, there is more about accessories. If asbestos-containing wall and ceiling disguises should be sucked for example, these must be shreded firstly so they can pass a suction hose. Moreover the asbestos contaminated material has to be treated in a way, that it is packed sealed according to waste disposal regulations and these packs are transported to the appropriate dump. So we also have the corresponding hammer mills and compactors in our programm.

If a major overhaul of a building is planned and inner walls are torn down in the course of these works or ceilings and floors are to be removed, the rubble is often carried by hand or bucket from the cellar or the individual floors to the outside of the building. Also a chute is modern at the house outside:  Dust and noise are to be hardly endured for the residents. This rubble, existing of wood sharing, wall scrap and tiles can be sucked very well into a closed preseperator, after it was made to size for passing the hose pipe by mobile small jaw crushers and / or hammer mills.The advantage: You save waste disposal volumes and therefore costs of annihilation and manpower.

mobile jaw crusher

Or a canal tube under the street or the embankment became blocked and must be freed from silk settlements.Often, the mud is washed away by high-pressure-water jet, the result beeing that the mud unfortunately is settling down a view yards away in the next ditch. .

With our “mole” this doesn't happen. It can enter tubes with a diameter from 600 mm minimum upwards, drives in and sucks the mud directly from the spot. The appliance can be steered with a remote control, the suction place is overseen with a video camera. The processes in the tube are watched on a monitor outside..

We offer all these - and even more -  attachments. This side will give only some examples. If you are  interested in further information about our standard or special  articles or services please let us know. We will be glad to be available to you with advice and action.


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mole with remote control