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One cannot work with suction machines alone, you need  accessories.  On this side, we want to show you of our different types of suction hoses used with suction equipment.

Experienced customers know that suction hose is not just suction hose. It depends on what material you want to handle, what temperature the conveyed material has,  are there many bends in the pipeline,etc.

We have a quite certain number of hose types in our programm, that has proved itself for years.

To show all types of hose pipes on this site would not be possible and exceed the  framework of this site, therefore we only show you some pictures here.

V 113
1 V 121 V 11501

hose pipe made from metal for hight temperature

Working hose pipe made from PUR

Heavy duty hose pipemade from rubber

The here shown hoses are produced out of different materials and for quite different applications suitable. Some hoses must be soft and flexible, others have to be stiff. Just telll us your demand and we will recommend you the right type of hose pipe.

Please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry.

The technical data like sizes, weights and prices are available for download as pdf.file   Hose.pdf   

Working hose made of rubber

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