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Here, we introduce the latest edition of suction machines to you. These are machines installed on a heavy duty tandem axle trailer or on a basic frame. For the trailer version you will need a vehicle with a pulling power of up to 3,5 tons. The machines are selfcontaining, therefore have their own drive engine, own controls and are equipped with main and security filters.


On the left you see our TE 3-37. A suction unit where the dustreceiver with filter housing and BIG BAG connector is raised up hydraulically into working position.

The here shown engine is driven by electric motor with a capacity of 37 kW. (45 kW and diesel engine drive possible).
Spezifications see PDF file TE-3-37.pdf

On the right side you see our diesel driven S8d /S BB with a receiver capable of unloading into a BIG BAG. This suction machine is built on a basic frame. This frame can be loaded and unloaded by forklift and placed for transport on any vehicle or trailerwith a platform.

At worksite the receiver is raised hydraulically into working position.

Diesel engine with 32,5 kW, vacuum pump, hydraulics to lift the receiver, electric, hydraulic and engine controls, fuel tank as well as main- and safety filters are installed on the frame.

Specifications see PDF file S8d /S BB


SAM Series machine

Site updated 03.03.2016

Here we are showing you our new BIG BAG machines we have available. They are for stationäry use but can transported easily by forklift from one location to another one. The legs are expandable and locked by lockers. If raised into working position a Big Bag is fitted to the outlet valve at the bottom to be filled from the receiver and carried away by forklift.

On the top the complete electric drive is installed as well as the main - and safety filters.

The receivers are of different sizes as well as the suction units to fulfill all your needs.

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GAD Series machine