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OnOne cannot work with suction machines alone, you need accessories. On this side, we want to show you our hose coupling system specially developed for the suction technology, with which the individual hose lengths are connected together much mkore easy as with the common systems sold on the market.

The Vacutech hose-coupling system

Specially developed for the suction technology

Delivered since  1992

Since 1993 as also in hardened version manufactured

Since 1995 also available galvanized and in stainless steel.

The advantage of VACUTECH COUPLING SYSTEM compared to ordinary systems sold on the market

    1, No male and female parts,

    2, Selfcentering of the coupling halves,

    3, Coupling joints are completely smooth, therefore no vertebration of the materialflow.

    4, Coupling halves with built-in seals. Absolute no airleaks in the vacuum         and pressure mode guaranteed.

    5, Welded on stoppers against slipping off of fitted hose pipes also while pipes   are hanging.

    6, Diameters extra manufactured under nominal diameters of the hose. Therefore easy fitting of hose pipes. This applies especially for PU hoses.

    7, Coupling clamps for all sizes are easily interchangeable because they are all of the same size. 

    8, Coupling parts are available as individual parts. Hereby inexpensive substitute for worn out clutch bodies.

    9, Entire uniform system with couplings, reductions, dispatchers and blind covers.

    10, Our couplings are essentially lighter in weight and very much easier to handle than conventional systems.

Because our couplings are joined with each other or with reductions and dispatchers with a split between the parts of less than 0,5 mm there can be no vertebration within the interconnected parts. That is why

the suction performance is increased and the wear and tear on the couplings is considerably reduced. 

The technical data, like sizes, weights and prices are available for download as a pdf file.




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