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Central suction systems are installed everywhere mobile suction installations cannot be transported to,  or the change of the location to often would be neccessary to take place, or the suction points are located over different floorlevels and / or the structural realities at site do not allow a passage of the suction equipment to the spot where needed.

Larger quantities of spilled materials sometimes have to be removed  - for example from conveyer belts or cup conveyors and their transfer places - for maintenance reasons or after failure of machinery. Bulk suction machines are used for these jobs, but due to their size and weight it is impossible to move them to the spot. The weight of this machinery often prohibits them to come near to the place wanted, their weight beeing up to 26 tonnes netweight.

Central suction systems furthermore have the advantage that the machine sound of the installation is outside the factory building and the filter installations can be tailored to the operator's needs. Today, more and more the filling of BIG BAGS is to be named, ot he dumping of the materials sucked up into special containers, which easily can be moved by truck or forklift to be emptied at a convinient place. 


central suction points at a factory


chip dump

pipelines with suction points

Central suction units also make it possible, to suck up dust, chips etc.directly at that place, where these waste materials are produced: at the production machine during current operations. The advantage clearly is obvious. The production can continue without interruption for the cleaning of the machines as well as removing the during the production accrued materials. The in the filterhouse accumulated  material either can be used again or savely disposed of .

There are central suction units available  in all sizes. The longest direct single suction line built by us so far  are 650 meters long.

Suction point at a grinding machine

In this line a preseparator is installed after about 200 meters from the suction point for the the coarse separation (ray means). The remaining dust is transported over the remaining entire route (450 meters) to the filter installation standing outside the production hall.

In cement works, in which usually no preseparator is used, the lenghts of the direct suction lines for clincers or cement still amounts up to 350 meters. Here often clinkers are transported from below ground level upwards  20 meters and more. For the cleaning of conveyor belts,  transfer stations and other parts of the machinery there can be used several hoses simultaneously.

In sand ray operations and foundries on the other hand, essentially smaller installations are normally put into action. But here also the advantage  of the central collecting point and the trouble-free waste disposal or recycling emerges.

right: suction point with 125 mm automatic coupling for hose pipe.

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