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Dear customer,

today, VACUTECH HAMBURG wants to introduce itself to you and wants to give a short summary about the company history.

1991 founding of the VACUTECH HAMBURG

VACUTECH HAMBURG is on the German market as supplier of suction installations, dedusting installations and machinery, high vacuum filter units as well as the accessories necessary to it since 1991.

1992 start of the production by accessories developed by Vacutech.

At the beginning active only as dealers, we began 1992 with the production of own accessories - accessories, that were developed by us specifically for the material handling by airstream.

1994 start of the production of pre-seperators

Turnover reaches 1 million DM for the first time

1996 first activities in the European foreign countries

1997 first activities outside Europe.

1998 reshaping of our company division.

It is noticed more and more in the last years that our customers want to install themselves smaller - and with it more advantageous, flexible air conveyors in their worksites instead of renting expensive service providers with mobile bigsize appliances.

In this context also the automation of production processes plays an ever bigger role - however, the installations in the permanent operation process must work anytime on push button command or continuesly.

Therefore also the sales and installation of our central suction equipment was at an continuous increase in the last years.

In this context, we can refer with pride to the fact that we have installed the largestcentral suction pipeline system for high vacuum machines in central Europe, whose first parts are in operation already since 1994 and work since that time without trouble and with low wear.

The total lenght of the pipeline is now at 5.620 meters at the time and is still extended continuously.

Since the requests of our customers become ever more particular, our range of products is widened over and over again, machines and appliances improved or - if the technical possibilities of further development are exhausted - developed new.

1998 start of the production of newly developed filter installations.

1998 start of the production of newly developed suction aggregates.

2004 start of VACUTECH GHANA Ltd. in Tema, Ghana

Although already aggregates were delivered with driving performances of 160 kilowatts ( which are running without disturbances until now ) we however want to concentrate  mainly on the production of aggregates with a power capacity of up to 100 kilowatts.

Construction of the the aggregates as well as that of the filter installations is concentrating on building in module sections. Because of this production policy we are able to build at lower costs and optimize the spare parts supply.

For us it is a matter of course that our business relationships with our customers don't finish with the handover of a suction unit or an installation.

"After Sales services", maintenance as well as possibly accruing repairs are generally  executed by us on the spot - if possible. Our spare parts supply takes place from our central stores in Hamburg.

As maybe you already found out, this is not a matter of course any more  because cost-intensive in the present-day time.

However, we believe that we shouldn`t save at this service, because to what use is the best installation  if it doesn't work because of a lacking spare parts.

We hope we have given you an overview with this small introduction of ours and would be pleased welcome also you as a new customer.

Of course we are always available for you for advice and action and would be pleased over your inquiry.

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