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DX 12 2



Big Bag suction unit


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1 V 121

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Welcome on the web site of VACUTECH HAMBURG.

Although we are based in Germany we are exporting our products into several countries around the world

This website is deliberately low on special effects and high on pure information.

We aim to give you useful information on our company, making is easy for you to make the right choice from our range of products and services.

VACUTECH HAMBURG has been active in the field of vacuum suction machines and dust removal since 1991.

On this site, you find an overview of our products and services.
Simply look at our sites. If  you have any ideas or questions to our products or you need further information, please click "contacts" .

Apart from new machinery, we frequently have some used units available. Some of them will be featured on our “second hand offer” page, but please contact us for more information if you are interested. Change in second hand machinery happen quite quickly and rapidly.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased if we can help you to make work easier, or to give you new ideas about material handling, whatever your line of business may be. 

In order to offer a brief overview of our program, you can load down here catalogue for       Suction machinery

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